Il Gentile Di Casanova Casanova Della Spinetta

Wine – Table red wine


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750 milliliters

the rhinoceros. the inscription reads: 'on 1 may 1513 [1515] was brought from india to the great and powerful king emanuel of portugal at lisbon a live animal called a rhinoceros. his form is here represented. it has the colour of a speckled tortoise and it is covered with thick scales. it is like an elephant in size, but lower on its legs and almost invulnerable. it has a strong sharp horn on its nose which it sharpens on stones. the stupid animal is the elephant's deadly enemy. the elephant is very frightened of it as, when they meet, it runs with its head down between its front legs and gores the stomach of the elephant and throttles it, and the elephant cannot fend it off. because the animal is so well armed, there is nothing that the elephant can do to it. it is also said that the rhinoceros is fast, lively and cunning'.
dürer's print of a rhinoceros caused a sensation. several thousand impressions were produced during his lifetime and its popularity has endured over the centuries through the production of countless copies in a variety of media. the woodcut records the first appearance of a rhinoceros in europe since the third century ad. the creature was presented as a gift from sultan muzafar ii of gujurat to the governor of portuguese india, alfonso d'albuquerque, who sent it on to king manuel i in lisbon. after a few months it was despatched to rome as a gift to the pope, but died at sea after the ship transporting it to italy capsized. dürer never saw the animal himself. his preparatory drawing for the woodcut is an imaginative design of the rhinoceros based on a description and sketches sent from lisbon to nuremberg.

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Casanova Della Spinetta Il Gentile Di Casanova


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